Intro to EAL Workshops

These Workshops are a unique opportunity to connect with and learn from horses.

We define EAL as learner based educational experiences with horses. In EAL, we focus particularly on social skills, communication and leadership skills while facilitating personal growth and increased self-awareness.

There is no riding in EAL. All interactions with horses are groundwork based which allows us to value and learn from our horses feedback.


What will we do in this workshop?

The focus of this workshop is showing participants how we can recognise our horses body language and learn from their feedback.

We design each workshop with a unique variety of activities which may include:

  • Meeting our horses, chickens and dogs
  • Mindfulness exercises and guided bushwalks
  • Brushing or decorating horses
  • Leading horses through, over or between fun obstacles
  • Group games designed to foster teamwork


My child has been before. Will they learn something new?

Yes! At Our Herd we take a lot of time in our booking process to group participants by age and experience. This allows us to extend participants who are returning to us.

Upcoming Workshop Details:

Dates: Sunday 26th or Monday 27th of September

  • Duration: 2 hour workshop
  • Groups: Up to 5 participants per session
  • Recommended Ages: 7 to 16 
  • Cost: $100 (NDIS funding may be utilised)

For the little kids! Small group 1 hour workshops are available for children aged 5 & 6 years.

Private 1 hour workshops are also available for participants not yet ready for groups.

To book:

Please contact us through email ( or phone (0411 824 962).

We would love to learn about your child and then recommend the best workshop group for them to attend.