Equine Assisted Learning Program

We offer weekly sessions with a gradual and supported transition into groupwork.

All of our participants begin in private sessions. In private sessions we focus on developing a sense of belonging and confidence around our horses. In these sessions we discuss themes of communication, personalities and emotional regulation.

When participants are ready, we encourage them to transition into small group sessions. These sessions are run in a group of up to four participants. In group sessions, we discuss concepts of teamwork, understanding body language and building confidence in a group.

While each session has a particular learning objective and a clear lesson plan, we are flexible in our delivery and follow the interests of each participant.

During a session, activities may include:

  • Learning to understand horse body language
  • Mindfulness activities
  • Learning to interact kindly with our dogs and chickens
  • Reflecting on the sessions topic with a nature craft activity
  • Leading a horse to complete a unique obstacle challenge
  • Building a special partnership with one of our horses
  • Nature based games and activities

Who are these sessions suited to?

Our Equine Assisted Learning sessions are recommended for participants between 8 and 16 years old.

We tailor sessions to suit the age and ability of each participant. When creating groups we take time to match participants roughly based on age and interests.

The majority of our participants are considered to be highly functioning individuals on the Autism Spectrum. Unfortunately our venue has uneven ground and is not suited to supporting some individuals with physical disabilities.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any specific requirements your child has.

When are sessions available?

Privat and group sessions are available during the day on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The majority of our participants are home-schooled or have an arrangement with their school to attend sessions with us.

We offer a few after school sessions, which are reserved for participants who are ready to engage in small groups.

If your child may be interested in joining us, we recommend that you attend a Youth Workshop during the school holidays. This workshop is the perfect introduction to what we do.

For details visit our page on – Youth Workshops

What is the cost?

Private 1 hour sessions cost $80.
Group (2 – 4 participants) 1 hour sessions cost $60.

NDIS funding can be used by individuals who are either self-managed or plan-managed.


Fun Clubs

Fun Clubs are an important part of our EAL Program and run at the end of each term. In these events, we bring multiple groups together to engage in fun activities.

These events offer participants a supportive environment to practise their social skills in a new and slightly larger group environment.

More details can be found on our Fun Club page.